Georgia Police Officer Comforts Family Of 12-Year-Old Killed In Thanksgiving Day Car Crash


A photo has emerged of a police officer in DeKalb County, Georgia, comforting a family after its 12-year-old daughter died in a car accident on Thanksgiving Day.

The Beasley family of Alabama was traveling on Interstate 285 near Doraville, Georgia, on Nov. 26 when they were involved in a six-car pile-up, Mad World News reported. The family was reportedly on its way to a relative's home for Thanksgiving dinner.

The Beasleys' oldest child, 12-year-old Alison, was killed in the crash. Her two younger siblings, 7-year-old Rebecca and 4-month-old Joshua, were injured but have since recovered fully. The children's parents also survived the crash.

Doraville Police Officer Kasey Martin, one of the first responders on the scene, said he found Alison's mother standing on the road holding Joshua in her arms. She was reportedly hysterical over her daughter's condition.   

Martin took the baby from her so she could cope with what had happened and get medical attention.

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"The mother, I knew I needed to get the baby out of the mother and father's hands because at that time because … It was a panic moment," Martin told WSBTV, according to Mad World News.

A photo has since emerged on social media of Martin crouched on the side of the road near the accident scene, holding baby Joshua in his arms and comforting the girl's father.

Other officers in the Doraville Police Department have since praised Martin for his thoughtful and compassionate actions.

"What Officer Martin did, you can't teach another human being," Sgt. Timm Balter told WSBTV, according to Mad World News. "He gave from his heart. He gave of himself. When you see something like that, it will affect you forever."

State patrol said the car the family was driving was hit from behind by another vehicle, according to another WSBTV article.

Alison's great-grandparents, who the family was en route to visit when the crash occurred, described the girl as kind and generous, and said they were doing the best they could to cope with her death. 

"We deal with it," George Vickerman, the girl's great-grandfather, told WSBTV. "We believe the good lord had some reason for this. We'll bear the brunt and we'll get along."

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of Alison's funeral. As of Dec. 8, the page has raised over $30,000.

Sources: Mad World News, WSBTV, GoFundMe / Photo credit: Mad World News

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