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GBI Investigating Death Of 72-Year-Old Who Was Fatally Shot By Police (Video)

Police in Gwinnett County, Georgia, shot and killed a 72-year-old man, who was reportedly suicidal and had cancer, on May 7.

Gwinnett police claim a neighbor called 911 to say Joseph Roy was suicidal (video below).

When the cops arrived, Roy was reportedly barricaded inside a bathroom inside his own home, which, in itself, is not a crime.

Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Michele Pihera said that when officers moved towards the bathroom, Roy walked out, verbally threatened them, and charged the officers with a steak knife, so officers fired three shots, noted 11 Alive.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is reportedly doing an independent investigation of the shooting, though Sherry Lang of the GBI told the media the same story recounted by Pihera.

Lang said, “The subject opened the door, and started yelling threats at the officers and then charged the officers with a knife," WSB-TV reports.

Lang added that it was a 6- to 8-inch steak knife.

Roy has a wife, though it's unclear if the wife was home at the time of the shooting, 11Alive reports.

Myra Desta, a friend of Roy, told WSB-TV that the senior didn't appear to be suicidal and was undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

“He always talked about he lived a full life and, you know, God gave him the break, and that's what it is and he'd have to deal with it,” Desta recalled.

“I never once heard that he wanted to hurt himself,” Desta added.

Sources: WSB-TV, 11 Alive
Image Credit: WSB-TV Screenshot, 11Alive


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