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Georgia Police Fired Tasers 13 Times at Handcuffed Man Who Died (Video)

Police reportedly fired their Tasers 13 times at Gregory Towns while he was in handcuffs, before he died, in East Point, Ga., in April.

According to WSBTV, police reports say that police officers tased the handcuffed African-American man in order to force him to stand up after a foot chase (video below).

"They used their Tasers as a cattle prod on Mr. Towns," Towns' family attorney Chris Stewart told WSBTV. “This is a direct violation of their own rules. You cannot use a Taser to escort or prod a subject.”

Stewart claimed that police records, Taser logs and witness statements prove that the two cops involved in the incident violated the city's rules for using Tasers. notes that Stewart cited Taser logs that show Sgt. Marcus Eberhart fired his Taser 10 times, while Officer Howard Weems shot his Taser three times.

However, Stewart admits that the Taser logs don't show whether or not Towns was hit by the Tasers 13 times.

"Use of drive stun to gain compliance is permitted under federal and Georgia law," Dale Preiser, a lawyer for Officer Weems at the Police Benevolent Association, told WSBTV.

Sources:, WSBTV


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