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Georgia Police Caught On Video Body Slamming 70-Year-Old Woman To Ground (Video)

A YouTube video posted on Tuesday appears to show yet another case of excessive force used by American police officers.

The video shows a Glynn County, Georgia police officer body slamming a 70-year-old woman to the ground during a DUI arrest. A witness filming the arrest was then allegedly intimidated by a Glynn County officer and pressured to stop recording.

The elderly woman has been identified as Kathleen Mary Allegrone. At the start of the video, Allegrone is pulled out of her car by officers and falls to the ground. It’s not clear whether she fell out of intoxication or due to the force used by police. Moments later, she is seen being escorted with her arms behind her back over to Officer Jones’ car. She can be heard yelling to officers that she is in pain.

Next, officers move to handcuff Allegrone. Out of nowhere, Allegrone is picked up and body slammed to the ground. Her arms were immobilized and she could not break her fall. The man filming the video said he heard a distinct smack when Allegrone’s head hit the pavement. Judging by Allegrone’s post-arrest picture, she seems to have fallen directly on her face.

In light of the public attention the incident is receiving, the officer involved has been placed on paid administrative leave. He claims Allegrone dug her nails into his skin while he was putting handcuffs on the woman, and he body slammed her in order to “stop the assault.” Glynn County PD is conducting an internal investigation of the event.

Here is the video of the incident. Allegrone is dropped to the ground around the 1:10 mark:

Sources: Information Liberation, First Coast News


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