Georgia Mother Shamed For Parking In Handicap Spot With Disabled Daughter


A Georgia mother was outraged to find a note on her car accusing her of parking illegally in a handicap spot, even though she was with her disabled daughter.

“You are not handicapped. You are a sorry sack of s---. Merry Christmas! I have reported your license tag to Cobb Sheriff’s Dept,” the note aimed at Alyssa Steele read. Steele said she was stunned by the note. 

“It’s really sad that people can be so quick to judge others. I don’t understand how they felt it was their place to say anything let alone how they phrased what they said,” she told WSB-TV. 

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Steele’s 5-year-old daughter has a condition called Chiari malformation, which causes a portion of her brain to come out of her skull. The condition is not always visible, but it does cause her daughter to become easily fatigued and requires her to be on oxygen. She also wears a helmet and leg braces.

“We’ve been through a lot,” she said. “I definitely was hurt and made me kind of question how people can do something like that.”

Steele was unable to find the person who left the note, but she hopes that her story will help spread awareness about disabilities and not jumping to conclusions.

“I wanted to change the situation ... instead of how we were affected by it ... we can spread awareness to other people who are struggling with disabilities that are not seen to the eye,” she said. 

Sources: WSB-TV, NY Daily News / Photo credit: New York Daily News 

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