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Georgia Mother Arrested For Making Up Story About Home Invasion

A DeKalb County, Ga., woman lied about a home invasion in which she and her 6-year-old daughter were allegedly held at gunpoint by masked men Wednesday night, DeKalb police say.

“Evidence at the scene did not support the crime that allegedly took place,” DeKalb County Police Capt. Steven Fore told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“After speaking with her, [investigators] were able to determine that no one actually ever entered the residence and the child was never assaulted.”

According to police, Jordan Davis, 23, told investigators that four armed, masked men broke into her home by throwing a cinder block through her dining room window, and then assaulted her disabled daughter.

Davis said one of the men was carrying a gun, while another held a knife. They told her and her daughter to get inside a closet. She also claims they stole Christmas presents and the girl’s medication.

DeKalb County Police Chief Cedric Alexander said that the whole story was made up, the child was never assaulted and Davis will face charges, including one for making a false report to police, FOX 5 Atlanta reported.

Davis tried to take advantage of and solicit sympathy from a generous community around this time of year, Fore said.

Davis is being held in custody at the DeKalb police headquarters. Officials are trying to find out if there are relatives who can take care of Davis’ daughter temporarily, Fore said.

“That’s really the reason she hasn’t been charged, yet,” he said.


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