Georgia Man Files Lawsuit After Spending A Year In Jail For Crimes He Didn't Commit (Video)


A Georgia man has filed a lawsuit after spending a year in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Army veteran Kenneth Williams, 60, is suing Sheriff Ted Jackson, among others, for the 370 days he spent behind bars when he shouldn’t have. Williams had gone to jail for 16 days on a misdemeanor criminal trespassing charge, but while there, he reportedly got confused for another man who was put in jail on drug charges.

“We know that an innocent person went to jail on charges for crimes he didn't commit, and he was also forced to be institutionalized against his will,” said Williams’ attorney John Merchant.

When Williams attempted to tell Sheriff Ted Jackson and others that he was innocent, they reportedly decided to send him to a psychiatric hospital where he was forcibly injected with psychotropic drugs.

“[The] plaintiff's information and charges were commingled with those of another person, which resulted in plaintiff being arrested, incarcerated and forcibly injected with psychotropic medications for roughly a year,” said Ashleigh Merchant, Williams’ other attorney. “Being force-medicated by the state is horrible.”

Eventually, a social worker discovered that the officers had “commingled” Williams’ records with the real criminal’s records, and finally, after a three-year-long nightmare that included the year of jail time, Williams was let go.

Now, Williams is suing Sheriff Jackson, along with other county officials, and asking that his Social Security and veterans’ benefits be restored along with his driver’s license.

“It’s frightening when you know you aren’t the person,” said Williams to WSB. “It’s been kind of a nightmare to me.”

Sources: WSB-TV, Raw Story


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