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Georgia Man Christopher Kelley Has To Pay $50,000 To Ex-Fiancée Melissa Cooper After Breach Of Promise To Marry

An appeals court has agreed with a trial court that ruled in favor of a woman who sued her ex-fiance for fraud and breach of contract to marry.

Melissa Cooper contended in her lawsuit that she quit her job to become a housewife for her former lover Christopher Kelley, their child and another child he had from a previous relationship, according to Mail Online. She made that sacrifice under the premise she would be his wife.

ABC News reports that in late December of 2004, Kelley gave Cooper a ring valued at around $10,000, a court document states. Cooper accepted and the two moved to a new home. Since 2000, Kelly had lived with Cooper and also had a child with him, the filing says.

However, after she got the ring, Cooper found out that Kelley had been in a two-year relationship with another woman that began before the proposal. After Cooper confronted Kelley and agreed to stay with him “because of his pledges not to see the other woman again and his promises thereafter to marry Cooper,” the court document states.

However, in 2011, Cooper found out that Kelley was having a secret affair and he told her to move out of their home with the children.

Cooper filed a lawsuit for a number of claims, including fraud and breach of contract to marry. The Coweta County Superior Court awarded her $43,500 and attorney fees of $6,500, and the Court of Appeals of Georgia ruled a few weeks ago to uphold the trial court’s decision.

Part of Kelley’s defense was that he never said the words, “Will you marry me?” to her, the court filing states. His lawyer says he hasn’t decided whether to challenge the state appeals court’s ruling.

Sources: Mail Online, ABC News


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