Georgia Man Charged In Wedding Day Car Crash That Killed Wife

After being charged with vehicular homicide following the death of his bride, Georgia man Ryan Quinton was released on bail.

The couple had just left their wedding reception in December when Quinton suddenly swerved at the sight of, he says, a dog in the road. As a result, the car rolled down an embankment.

Quinton’s bride was trapped underneath the car, but Quinton himself managed to reach the road for help. When a witness, Chris Thomas, saw Quinton stumbling down the road he stopped and called 911.

"He was shaken up. He wasn't making a whole lot of sense. He was hysterical," Thomas said of Quinton.

Thomas said the most difficult part was telling the wedding party, still dressed for a celebration, what had happened.

Crime lab results showed that Quinton’s blood alcohol level that day was .114, though the legal limit in Georgia is .08.

On Wednesday morning Quinton turned himself in to the Cherokee County Police Department, admitting that his dog story was untrue.

Quinton was charged with a DUI and vehicular homicide.

Sources: WSB Atlanta, AJC


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