Georgia Man Beats Up Teen He Caught Showering With Stepdaughter


An Athens, Georgia man was charged with assaulting a child when he beat up his stepdaughter’s boyfriend after finding the two teens in the shower together.

Clinton Antonio Ward, 49, was arrested after calling 911 himself to report that an unknown teen was in his apartment. The crazed stepfather was booked on charges of battery and first- and third-degree cruelty to children.

Ward was not home when they stepped in the shower, the stepdaughter told police. Ward said he initially thought his stepdaughter was talking to someone on speakerphone.

The teen lovers exited the shower to find Ward waiting on the couch. Seeing that the interaction was up close and personal, Ward pushed past his stepdaughter, who was wearing a towel, to grab the nude boy as he tried to collect his clothes and belongings. Ward slammed the boyfriend into the wall and punched him repeatedly in the face and chest.

The stepdaughter told police that she suffered a red eye from being pushed by her stepfather. 

Ward admitted to punching the teen.  He was then arrested for “maliciously causing a child under the age of 18 cruel, excessive or mental pain” as well as for allowing a child under the age of 18 to witness the assault.

The boy’s mother told police she wanted charges brought against Ward.

Sources: Athens Banner-Herald, WXIA


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