Georgia Man Arrested For Animal Abuse After Taping Dog's Mouth Shut


Georgia man Antonio Lashon Furlow was arrested on animal cruelty charges Thursday after police discovered he taped a dog’s mouth shut with electrical tape. It is not known how long the dog’s mouth was taped for, but it was long enough that serious tissue damage occurred.

"He had electrical tape wrapped around his muzzle to the point where he couldn't open his mouth," said Snellville Police Department Cpl. Jake Smith. "(He) presumably couldn't eat or drink."

Police say the dog’s mouth was severely swollen when they found him. His tongue was sticking out and bleeding.

"The sight of the dog was heartbreaking and disturbing to all involved,” the police report said.

The dog’s condition was so troubling that the Snellville Police Department said they took pleasure in seeing Furlow locked up.

“Taking someone's freedom from them is not the fun part of police work...Well...we enjoyed taking this guy in. It is not surprising that our K9 Unit … volunteered to assist detectives in the warrant service. Heartbreaking the way the dog was treated,” the post said.

The dog, named Bullet, belonged to Furlow’s roommate. The owner may also face charges for abandoning the dog. Several of Furlow’s neighbors commented on the abuse.

“I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said neighbor Linda Jefferson, who has lived next to Bullet for years. "It's not acceptable and they should be prosecuted. I know for a fact this dog didn't deserve it."

Sources: New York Daily News, WSBTV


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