Georgia Man And Woman Fall In Love After Deer Hunting Accident


A woman was accidentally shot by a man while hunting a deer in the woods of LaFayette, Ga., and now they are officially in love.

Chattanooga Times Free Press reported that Audrey Mayo, 24, and Matthew Webb, 23, were spending time with each other on the roof of Webb's mom's house when Webb spotted deer in the nearby woods and decided to go hunting.

Mayo reportedly stayed behind but went to search Webb after she thought he was calling her name, asking her to bring him his knife. She made her way across the street where he was hunting.

"I was doing like a half yell," Mayo told the Times Free Press. "I didn't want to scare the deer away."

However, Webb didn't hear Mayo calling his name. He only noticed rustling in the bushes and slight movements behind the trees.

"And then I heard a gunshot," Mayo said. "And then I felt it. And then I hit the ground."

Mayo woke up at Erlanger Hospital days later, and found Webb sitting beside her holding an apology note he had written.

Mayo’s mother Mary did not think her daughter would survive. Even is she did, it could mean permanent damage to her brain.

"Once we realized she was alive — and that she was going to be alive — we started to lighten up a little bit," Audrey's sister, Rachel Mayo Greer, told the paper.

Webb even moved into Mayo’s mother’s house to help take care of her during her recovery period.

"Cupid doesn't use a bow and arrow anymore," Mayo's brother-in-law, Jesse Greer, told the Times Free Press. "He uses an SKS [rifle]."

Webb and Mayo only knew each other for a couple of weeks prior to the shooting.

According to New York Daily News, Webb was later arrested on charges of shooting a gun within 150 feet of a road. He also faces drug charges after admitting he was high at the time of the shooting.

Mayo's family says she has kept a sense of humor about the incident. She wants to find the bullet and make into a necklace.

"It's like a modern version of how a caveman used to bash a woman over the head with a club," Mayo’s sister is quoted as saying. "These days, they just shoot her in the leg."


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