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Georgia Judge Lets Woman Found Guilty of Murder Out on Bond

A Georgia judge recently released a woman on bond, though a jury found her guilty of murder.

Pamela Ballin was on trial for allegedly beating her husband to death in their home in 2009. Though she pleaded not guilty and said he was killed during a home invasion, a jury ruled that she was guilty of murder, according to WSB-TV.

The family members of the homicide victim, Derrick Ricky Ballin, have said they are outraged by DeKalb County Judge Mark Scott’s decision.

Scott may consider issuing a directed verdict, claiming that there is insufficient evidence for a case to be tried with a jury, District Attorney Robert James said.

“To have a directed verdict issued after the jury has deliberated and in fact found someone guilty is extraordinary,” he said.

On Tuesday, James said he filed a motion to return Ballin to jail.

Source: WSB-TV


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