GA Women's Shelter Kicks Out 2 Suspected Lesbians

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Two homeless women, both of whom escaped abusive homes, are saying they were recently kicked out of a Columbia, Ga., shelter. Their offense? Well it depends on whom you ask.

According to Queerty, “officially, the women were kicked out for breaking rules like smoking cigarettes and violating curfew.”  The two women were also accused of planning to secretly meet up.

The women say the shelter’s staff suspected they were lesbians and were carrying on a secret relationship. The women, both affirming that they are not in a relationship, told reporters that they are straight but that orientation is no reason to mistreat people.

“I was hoping that just by the name … I was hoping for security,” one of the women said.  “If I was gay, and I had all these other issues and I came [to the House of Mercy], is that what you do to people going through stuff?” she asked.

The director of House of Mercy, Elder Bobby Harris, told WRBL that “practicing” gay people aren’t welcome at his shelter, no matter how in need they might be, according to

“[Homosexuality] is not tolerated here at all. Let me tell you one reason why: because of the Bible, of course. And then we have little children … We believe that Christ can change all. But when they begin to practice their acts,” Harris says, there’s nothing he can do for gay people in need.


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