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Georgia High School Holds First Ever Racially Integrated Prom

Here’s a story that reads like it’s straight out of 1954.

Wilcox High School in Rochelle, Georgia held its first ever racially-integrated prom on Saturday. Until now, the local school board has refused to sponsor an interracial prom. Students in the past were forced to attend either all-black or all-white versions of the infamous high school event.

The school board finally bowed to pressure from students that started building last year, when four best friends – some white and some black – organized a private integrated prom for students to attend. The event was a success.

Though the school’s integrated prom is now endorsed by the school board, one student who organized last year’s prom suspects there are still officials from the school who are unhappy with an integrated event.

“I’m absolutely sure that there are teachers that are still in the system right now that are at my school and they still don’t want an integrated prom,” student Mareshia Rucker said.

Wilcox High School made national headlines in 2013 when news broke that the students were forced to organize a private prom after school officials refused to sanction an integrated one. Support from all over the country poured in for the students.

At that time, Rucker said “Hopefully when everything is said and done, people in our county will really realize, that there is no sense in the way things are right now.”

Slowly but surely, that message seems to be sinking in. 

Sources: ABC, Mail Online


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