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Georgia Gun Owner Shoots Robber in Butt

A Georgia robber was shot in his butt earlier this week when he broke into the wrong home in Brunswick, Georgia.

According to Glynn County Police Department, the resident was alerted at about 11:00 p.m. to the sound of his doorbell. The homeowner did not see anybody outside, so he became suspicious when he heard the doorbell ring a second time a few minutes later. This time, the man grabbed his .45-caliber handgun.

It’s a good thing that he did. When the homeowner stepped outside he encountered 45-year-old Anthony Don Devine, who was wearing a mask and carrying a knife. Devine allegedly lunged at the homeowner, who was forced to open fire on the intruder. Devine was struck several times in the back and butt.

The homeowner then phoned the police, who showed up and hauled the wounded man off to the Memorial Medical Center.

There is currently no indication that there will be any charges filed against the homeowner, but an investigation may change all that. The homeowner was certainly justified in defending himself against a knife-wielding robber, especially since Georgia has a Castle Doctrine Law and a Stand Your Ground law.

However, it’s always suspicious when a person is shot from behind. How could the homeowner have shot the man in his back and butt if the robber was lunging at him? If that were the case, wouldn’t the wounds have been to the chest and groin? The most likely explanation is that the would-be thief was fleeing from the homeowner when he was struck, but at this point it’s the robber’s word versus the homeowner’s.

That evidence and testimony from the thief might be enough to encourage the state to turn a critical eye on the gun owner. There’s a world of difference between shooting a knife-wielding attacker and firing multiple shots on someone who has his back turned.

Source: News 4 Jax


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