Georgia Grandmother Sheila Howard Accused Of Using 11-Year-Old Granddaughter to Shoplift

After two previous shoplifting attempts, Clayton County grandmother Sheila Howard allegedly used her 11-year-old granddaughter to steal $139 worth of merchandise from a Wal-mart on Jonesboro Road where she was banned.

Police said her granddaughter concealed the goods in a baby bag, which was caught on tape.

Vickie Harris was floored to hear the news about her daughter, saying that no adult should ever use a love one to participate in crime.

That's absolutely horrific,” Harris said, “It sets a bad example. You can’t really get mad if [children] do it.”

Howard faces charges for shoplifting, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and criminal trespassing. She countered with the fact that she was unemployed.

“They're supposed to set the example on how you should live your life," Shannon Harris, Howard’s 16-year-old granddaughter, said in reference to elders.

The judge gave Howard a $9,000 bond, ordered her to stay away from Wal-mart and ordered her to stay away from her granddaughter.

Sources: WSBTV, News One


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