'I Am Beyond Angry': Georgia Family Outraged After Being Threatened With Fine For Parking Four Cars In Driveway

A Georgia family is outraged after being told by the county that they must apply for permission to park all of their family’s cars in their own driveway. 

Last week, the Oviedo family received notice from Cobb County stating a violation for the number of cars outside their home. With their two kids home from college for the summer and with relatives visiting, the family had four cars parked in their driveway at the time of the violation.

“I am angry. I am beyond angry. I don’t see how the government can tell me whose cars I can park in my own driveway,” Kim Oviedo told WSB-TV.

Following a rule change for their Kennesaw neighborhood, each home in the community is now limited to having two cars in their driveway. With the recent enactment of the rule, the family was visited on Friday by code enforcement, acting on an anonymous complaint, according to WSB-TV.

“I’m having to pay to park on a property that I already pay tax on,” Oviedo said.

The Oviedo family's neighborhood is zoned an Open Space Community. Open Space Community zoning was created by Cobb County as a way to “encourage the preservation of natural resources within residential development," according to Kennesaw Patch.

“The fact that my kid’s home from college and now I’m a lawbreaker I guess,” neighbor Mark Talley told WSB-TV. 

Talley would also currently be in violation of the zoning rule, having three cars for the summer as well.

“I love Cobb County. I love living here and generally I’m a fan of what we do, but it seems to not make a whole lot of sense,” Talley said.

After a WSB-TV investigator contacted the county, reports say officials altered their decision. The rule will be delayed, however, the Oviedo family has been put on notice for next summer when they will be required to obtain a permit to park their four cars.

Source: WSB-TVKennesaw Patch

Photo credit: WSB-TV


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