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Georgia Family Finds Coyote On Kitchen Counter After Jumping Through Open Window

A family in Newton County, Georgia, experienced firsthand the coyote influx that Newton and Rockdale counties have had to deal with. The coyote chased their family cat through an open window in into the kitchen, where it laid down on the counter.

According to WSBTV, the family promptly called the police. A sheriff’s deputy then shot it with a tranquilizer, but the coyote did not respond to the dart.

ABC News reported that the officer was forced to trap it with a catch pole and lead it outside. He then shot the coyote. Animal Control said that shooting it was the only viable option.

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Ciji Baker, who works with Rockdale County Animal Control, said, “The one thing people have to remember is this is a wild animal. Anything that's in its way, its main goal is to get away from that person or thing that's threatening them. But it is a wild animal. It's not a cute, cuddly dog."

Ronald Thacker, who lives across the street from where the coyote was found, said that he hears coyote howls often but has only seen the animal once. He was worried because he has several cats and said, “Lately we’ve had several of them disappear.”

He also added, “They're multiplying too quickly down here. Used to be, you never heard them. Now they're everywhere here.”

Sources: WSBTV, ABC News / Photo Source: ABC News


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