Georgia Deputy Arrests Woman While She Films Republican Rally (Video)


Nydia Tisdale was arrested on Aug. 23 while filming a Republican rally for Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (R) and David Perdue, who is running for U.S. Senate.

Tisdale claims that she was roughed up and bruised by a Dawson County Sheriff's deputy, who arrested her at the rally, which was held at a pumpkin farm in Dawsonville, Ga. (video below).

Tisdale says that she had permission to film the rally for her citizen journalist website

On the video (below), Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens was caught slamming Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Michelle Nunn.

Hudgens then saw Tisdale's camera and said, "I don't know why you're video taping, but yes I said puke."

Tisdale says she asked to leave, but refused to do so. That's when she was removed by the deputy.

"I've been real nice, now you're going to jail for resisting arrest if you do not stop," the deputy says on the video, noted Talking Points Memo.

However, Tisdale is heard on the video crying out in pain.

"It's traumatic, it's emotional. I was doing absolutely nothing wrong," Tisdale told 11 Alive. "I had a video camera, and to use that much force?"

Dawson County GOP Chairwoman Linda Clay Umberger was appalled by the treatment of Tisdale and states on the video, "I don't know why people are treating you this way, this is wrong."

Tisdale was charged by the deputy, who was later identified as Capt. Tony Wooten, with trespassing and obstructing an officer.

Dawson County Sheriff Billy Carlisle recently told the Gainesville Times that an internal investigation found that "Capt. Wooten was acting in the lawful performance of his duties at the request of the property owner to have Ms. Tisdale to stop recording and when she refused, to have her removed from the property."

This isn't the first time Hudgens has been caught saying something outrageous. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in 2013 that he compared pre-existing health conditions to a car accident that is someone's fault.

Sources: Gainesville Times, Talking Points Memo, 11 Alive, Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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