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Surveillance Footage Shows Daycare Worker Kicking 20-Month-Old Toddler (Video)

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Georgia woman Alexis Wilson-Britten was arrested after she reportedly kicked a 20-month-toddler at a Clayton County day care, which can be seen in surveillance footage of the event.

Day care owner Robert Phelps said Wilson-Britten was scheduled to be terminated the day she reportedly kicked the toddler. Phelps noted that Wilson-Britten had taped a pacifier to a toddler’s mouth to prevent her from crying in a previous incident.

Phelps first realized that something was amiss when one client, Kimberly Johnson, picked up her twin toddlers on Thursday. Altough one of the toddlers appeared to be agitated, Wilson-Britten explained that the children had left the playground early that day and the child was probably upset about it. However, Johnson noticed her son holding his arm as if it was hurting and the twin's father brought him to the doctor, who reported that the child had a fractured arm.

Johnson later learned that the toddler had fallen on the playground, but that Wilson-Britten never reported the incident to administrators. When Johnson complained about the lack of communication, managers at the daycare began to watch Wilson-Britten’s interaction with the toddlers via surveillance footage. To their surprise, they witnessed the 22-year-old teacher kick Johnson’s son when he tried to bring her a toy.

On Friday, Clayton County police arrested Wilson-Britten, who does not have a previous criminal record. She was charged with simple battery.

Johnson noted that she plans to pursue legal action.

Sources: KDVR, Fox News

Photo Source: KDVR, WTOC


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