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Georgia Dad Hung On To Vehicle With Son In The Back As Carjacker Took Off (Video)

A Georgia father was filling up his SUV at an Atlanta area gas station on June 14 when he says a teenage thief jumped in and took off with his 8-year-old son who was still sitting in the back (video below).

“I was parked here,” Malcolm Milliones explained to WSBTV. “My fiancee pulled up directly behind me, bumper to bumper.”

As Milliones focused on filling the car, his fiancee went in to the store, reports ABC 6. That was when Milliones says the thief seized his opportunity.

Milliones grabbed on to the car and was carried along for nearly a quarter of a mile before falling off, breaking his arm in the process.

All he could think was “get my son out,” he told WSBTV. “I’m kind of like this, hopping with it and running with it.”

“We went from here all the way around the parking lot,” Milliones added, indicating the distance.

Milliones’ determination distracted the thief, making him slow up.

“My son took that opportunity to jump out and he fell out like right here at the entrance to the Popeye’s,” Milliones said.

The 8-year-old was not badly injured in his escape, ABC 6 reported. Milliones had a bruised toe and other minor injuries along with his broken arm, but is now recovering.

The teen ultimately got away with the vehicle, making it the third time Milliones’ family has had a car stolen.

“It’s gotten to the point now where we’re talking about moving,” he said, noted Daily Mail.

Police are still investigating the incident, and have yet to track down the teenager and his alleged accomplice.

Milliones explained to WSBTV that the loss of the car was causing the family a lot of difficulties, and he is hoping for a quick resolution.

Sources: WSBTV,Daily Mail,ABC 6

Photo credit: Screenshot via WSBTV


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