Georgia DA Investigator Posts Racist Message on Facebook (Video)


One-year-old Rodrickus Robinson was shot last Saturday night when a group of men allegedly exchanged gunfire.

Levar Antwan Reed, 17, was arrested yesterday for the shooting, but claims he was defending himself against a gang, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“When he declined to join the gang, one of the recruiters allegedly pulled a gun on him,” said Atlanta Police Officer Kim Jones. "He said he ran to some nearby bushes where he had stashed a gun for his own protection."

Robinson could possibly lose his arm because of the shooting and is expected to undergo a second surgery soon. The toddler was departing a birthday party when he was shot.

In response to the shooting, Clayton County, Georgia, DA investigator David Daniel wrote a racist message on the Facebook page of local TV station WSB-TV.

According to WSB-TV, Daniel wrote, "Violence with guns is unfortunately a part of the black culture and will never get better until the government stops supporting them and they are taught to work for what they get and not take from others."

Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson told WSB-TV, "My instant reaction was the employee could no longer work in our office."

She suspended Daniel and gave him notice that he would be fired. Daniel's lawyer said he regrets the Facebook posting and would resign.

Sources: WSB-TV, Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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