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Georgia Cop Shoots Pit Bull as it Attacks 2 Year-Old Child

An Atlanta police officer shot and killed a Pit Bull that was attacking a 2-year-old child Tuesday night, August 7. The incident occurred at approximately 9:00 p.m. near Joseph E. Boone Boulevard and Holly Road in northwest Atlanta, Georgia.

The Pit Bull was loose and officers were unable to identify where it came from or any possible owner.

Police officers were already in the area responding to an unrelated call when several people got their attention by waving and pointing down the street, said Atlanta Police Officer Kim Jones.

"Officers then observed a Pit Bull that was attacking a woman who was holding a 2-year-old child,” Officer Jones said, “The dog was attempting to bite the child and several times during the incident the dog was successful in grabbing the child’s clothing and tugging on the child.”

“The woman had to pull the child away to save it,” Atlantic police spokesman John Chafee said. ”

Then for a brief moment the woman was able to break free from the Pit Bull. It was the opening the officer needed as he moved to protect the woman and child. “The officer fired his weapon several times, killing the dog,” Officer Jones said.

The child was treated for injuries at the scene and transported to Grady Hospital with the mother.”

Chafee said the shooting may have saved the child’s life and was necessary to keep injuries to a minimum.



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