George Zimmerman's Wife Shellie Zimmerman Arrested for Perjury

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The spouse of infamous Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman found herself in trouble with the law today when authorities in Seminole County, Florida, arrested her for perjury.

The prosecution is alleging that Shellie Zimmerman lied under oath during her husband’s bond hearing last month. State attorney John Guy issued an order Tuesday charging Mrs. Zimmerman with perjury for the false court statements.

Shellie Zimmerman’s arrest is the latest unexpected development in a case that has drawn national attention with its youthful victim and racial undertones. George Zimmerman was arrested in April and charged with second-degree murder for the shooting of an unarmed, black teenager. He pleaded not guilty to the charge and was released on $150,000 bond pending trial.

That bond was the result of Shellie Zimmerman’s falsified testimony, during which she misled the court about her and her husband’s financial means. The Orlando Sentinel reported that prosecutors in the George Zimmerman case were the ones who alerted the judge at the bond hearing that Mrs. Zimmerman had failed to disclose almost $135,000 worth of online contributions to her husband’s legal defense fund.

This revelation resulted in both Mrs. Zimmerman's arrest and the revokation of her husband's bond.

Mr. Zimmerman has since returned to jail, a situation that limits his ability to assist in his own defense. His wife is currently being held on $1,000 bond.


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