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George Zimmerman's Gym Under Heat For Advertising Zimmerman's Training Program Online

Some people will do anything for a dollar.

Kokopelli’s Gym, the Longwood, Florida training spot of accused murderer George Zimmerman, posted a form on their website that would send information to your email address about the training Zimmerman received at the gym.

The form says “To receive information about the training George Zimmerman received at Kokopelli’s Gym, please email request by filling out the provided form below.”

Many are offended by the gym’s attempt to capitalize on their publicity from the Trayvon Martin trial, and took to the companies Yelp page to voice their dissatisfaction.

One reviewer said “A grown man went here for years and still couldn’t defend himself from a teenager!” Another sarcastically noted that “this gym will be so ineffective that it will prepare you to defend yourself with an armed weapon against unarmed children.”

Gym owner Adam Pollack denied using the trial to market his gym. When prosecutor Richard Mantei asked Pollack “Are you now marketing the training you gave George Zimmerman on your website?” Pollack said “Absolutely not.”

Exploiting the press you received from a 17-year-olds murder trial to grow your email advertisement list. That’s stooping pretty low. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Yelp, Kokopelli's Gym


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