George Zimmerman's Attorneys Quit

The man who shot Florida teenager Trayvon Martin has a new set of legal headaches. Today, both Zimmerman’s lead attorney Craig Sonner and co-counsel Hal Uhrig have resigned from the high-profile case. Their departures leave Zimmerman’s defense team essentially empty.

"It's no so much that we are resigning. It's that we cannot continue to represent him until he comes forward," said Sonner. “He’s not returning my messages, not returning my texts, not returning my emails. He won’t even give me a collect call.”

Uhrig echoed Sonner’s sentiment, insisting, "He's got to reach out to us.”

Both attorneys claim that Zimmerman ceased all communication with the legal team last Sunday. They claim to know Zimmerman’s location and have his personal phone number, but have still struggled to get in touch with the elusive client.

“George can’t go out and buy a diet coke. There’s a bounty on his head,” said Uhrig.

Until last weekend, the lawyers had no problems handeling Zimmerman’s defense by phone, but both men agreed it would be impossible to go forward without some communication from their client.


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