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George Zimmerman Released on $9,000 Bond, Must Stay Away From Guns and Girlfriend

After pulling a shotgun on his girlfriend, George Zimmerman’s latest trial in Seminole County, Fla. Tuesday resulted in his release on a $9,000 bond and the decision that he must stay away from guns and Samantha Scheibe.

Prosecutors requested a $50,000 bond, sharing a new piece of evidence to confirm that Zimmerman is a threat to public safety: he had tried to choke Scheibe a week and a half earlier, “a choking that she did not report to the police.”

Scheibe also claimed that Zimmerman had “mentioned suicide in the recent past” and said that he had “nothing to lose,” the prosecutor said.

To add to the stress, while he was in jail Zimmerman’s wife Shellie took the opportunity to serve him divorce papers. In addition, Zimmerman’s lawyer—a public defender—revealed that he is $2.5 million in debt.

“This is a volatile situation potentially,” said Judge Schott, debating Zimmerman’s sentence. He decided Zimmerman would be barred from Scheibe’s property completely, including retrieving his things, that he must wear an electronic monitoring cuff, may not travel outside Florida, nor have contact with weapons, ammunition, or Scheibe. That means, “not in person, not by phone, fax, mail, tweet, Facebook—no contact at all,” the judge clarified. 

Zimmerman said little during the trial short of “yes Your Honor” and “no Your Honor.” His lawyers acknowledged that he is upset, but said don’t think Zimmerman is a threat to himself or anyone else.

“Is this as stressful event for him? Probably,” said public defender Daniel Megaro. “But I don’t think he’s going to hurt himself or anybody else.”

Zimmerman pointed a shotgun at Scheibe when she asked him to leave her home on Monday, smashing her glass table and destroying her sunglasses before forcing her out her own door.

This was only the latest violent incident alleged against Zimmerman since he was acquitted in the killing of Trayvon Martin in July. In September his wife Shellie called the police to report that Zimmerman had punched her father and threatened her with a gun. Police did not file a domestic battery charge due to a lack of evidence.

"Just when you thought you heard the last of George Zimmerman," neighbor Catherine Cantrell told The Associated Press.

Sources: CBS News, The Daily Beast, New York Daily News


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