George Zimmerman Pulled Over by Police, Third Time (Video)

George Zimmerman was pulled over for the third time by police since his acquittal in the Trayvon Martin killing in July.

This incident actually happened back on Aug. 19 in Brevard County, Fla., but the video (below) and incident were not revealed until Thursday.

Chronologically, this was the second time Zimmerman was pulled over, in between his police stops in late July and early September.

According to Click Orlando, Zimmerman was pulled over by police for “improper tag display’ and “excessive tint” on his truck.

Zimmerman told the Florida Highway Patrol officer that he had heavily-tinted windows because of the death threats that he has received since the Martin trial.

Police were recently called by Zimmerman’s estranged wife Shelli, earlier this month, after he allegedly threatened her and her father in Lake Mary, Fla. Shelli and her father opted not to press charges.

Source: Click Orlando


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