George Zimmerman Out Of Hiding, Rescues Family Of Four From SUV (Video)


Most expected acquitted man George Zimmerman to lay low for a while after his nationally covered trial sparked controversy and outrage from many around the nation.

But the Sanford, Florida Police Department says Zimmerman was not only out and about in the town where he shot Trayvon Martin, but that he rescued a family of four from an overturned SUV this past weekend.

According to Sanford Police Department Captain Jim McAuliffe, Zimmerman and one other man helped pull two adults and two children out of an overturned truck less than a mile from where Zimmerman shot Martin in February of 2012.

Zimmerman was not a witness to the crash, and he left the scene after speaking briefly with a Sanford deputy.

The news is surprising, especially considering the number of death threats Zimmerman and his family have reportedly been facing since Zimmerman’s acquittal was announced on July 13.

“We have had an enormous amount of death threats,” Zimmerman’s father Robert Zimmerman Sr. recently said. “George’s legal counsel has had death threats, the police chief of Sanford, many people have had death threats. ‘Everyone with Georgie’s DNA should be killed’ — just every kind of horrible thing you can imagine.”

Meanwhile on the other side of the case, Trayvon Martin’s parents were seen at a New York rally recently. Their attorney Benjamin Crump said the family is still reviewing their legal options at this time. 

Sources: Inquisitr, ABC News


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