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George Zimmerman Posts Naked Image Of His Ex To Twitter

The Twitter account of George Zimmerman, who was cleared for his role in the controversial 2012 shooting of black teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida, was blocked Dec. 3.

The move was triggered by Zimmerman, 31, posting naked pictures of a woman he identified as his ex, along with her phone number and email address, NY Daily News reports.

“She cheated on me with a dirty Muslim,” Zimmerman wrote of the woman, named Heather, in his first tweet, according to the Daily News.

Circulating her contact details to his thousands of followers, he continued, “She’ll sleep with anyone.”

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(On of George Zimmerman's tweets about ex-girlfriend. Photo Credit: Twitter via NY Daily News)

A Twitter spokesman refused to comment to the Daily News on the specific action taken against Zimmerman’s account but noted the company’s policy of prohibiting the publication of personal contact information of individuals without their consent.

“Did I go too far?" Zimmerman wrote in another tweet a few moments later, which also included a nude photo of the woman. "I won’t even mention that she stole a gun and cash from me."

(Second tweet George Zimmerman posted about his ex. Photo Credit: Twitter via NY Daily News)

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Zimmerman may be guilty of a criminal offense. Florida is one of several states to have passed legislation aimed at tackling revenge pornography, which could make the naked pictures illegal.

According to the law, an offense of sexual cyberharassment is committed by posting “a sexually explicit image of a person that contains or conveys the personal identification information of the depicted person to an internet website without the depicted person’s consent, for no legitimate purpose, with the intent of causing substantial emotional stress to the depicted person," the Daily News notes.

Zimmerman has been no stranger to controversy both on and offline.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward on live television by Vester Flanagan in August, Zimmerman took to Twitter in a post containing homophobic slurs and the accusation that President Barack Obama was a racist.

“Pansy Fester (sic) lee Flanagan, too much of a daisy to deal w/racism. Murders 2 whites. Hate crime, 100%. Racist Obama says nothing condeming [sic],” he wrote, according to Daily Mail.

Zimmerman’s Twitter profile picture at that time was an image of the Confederate flag, which was inspired by a Florida gun store owner who banned Muslims from his store and firing range.

Although Zimmerman was cleared of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in July 2013, many rejected the outcome and maintain he should have been found guilty of Martin’s death.

Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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