George Zimmerman Bombs at Gun Show


George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, used to be the pride and joy of pro-gun advocates, but his popularity has apparently worn off.

Zimmerman and his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe (who has called the police on him in the past), recently appeared at a gun show in Orlando, Fla., but failed to pull crowds, noted the New York Daily News.

Less than 20 people asked Zimmerman for his autograph during his six hours at the gun show yesterday.

The gun show was originally supposed to take place at the Majestic Events Center but had to be moved to the Arms Room gun store after it was announced that Zimmerman would appear.

“They told us they canceled for community pressure,” Mike Piwowarski, a gun show organizer, told WESH. “They were getting phone calls and backlash, and didn’t want that kind of person there.”

The Arms Room Facebook page stated yesterday, "Come on out and meet George Z! He's here a few more hours. And no matter what you read, there are no protestors, lunatics or other varieties of ass clowns. And don't froget [sic] we have free burgers and dogs!"

“It was pretty weird to meet him in person," one fan said. "Wow, he has gained a lot of weight!”

“Everything’s good. We’re having fun,” stated Zimmerman. “I’m just here to meet supporters.”

Sources: Facebook, New York Daily News, WESH


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