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George Washington, Yes THAT One, Has Overdue Library Books

George Washington was apparently good about not telling lies, but was not very good about returning books to the library. In fact, two books he took out from the New York City public library were never returned. And he owes a whopping $300,000 in overdue fees.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, it seems Washington took out two books on October 5, 1789 from the New York Society library, the oldest library in the city. How do we know it was Washington? Beside the name of the books, the librarian simply wrote "President."

But Washington never did return the books. The late fees are just pennies a day. But add it up and adjust for inflation, and you get the $300,000 figure.

"We're not actively pursuing the overdue fines," said head librarian Mark Bartlett. "But we would be very happy if we were able to get the books back."

The library even has evidence against out first President. One of the books Washington took out was volume 12 of the "Commons Debates." When a librarian stumbled upon the long-lost 14-volume collection, volume 12 was indeed missing.

"It's hard to know what could have happened," Bartlett said. "There are as many questions for us as there are answers."


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