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George W. Bush Photobombs Live TV At Rangers Game (Video)

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Former President George W. Bush found himself on camera May 17, although not for the usual reasons.

According to a Fox Sports telecast captured by Bleacher Report, Bush was walking back to his seat at a Texas Rangers baseball game when he came into frame of a stand-up being conducted by on-field reporter Emily Jones.

Bush, carrying a beverage in his hand, gives the camera a quick glance and shouts "hey!"

Just moments after Jones wrapped her segment about the Rangers' game against the Philadelphia Phillies in Arlington, Texas, she spotted the Bush photobomb had erupted on social media, according to Time.

"I've been photobombed before, but he was the president, so he's kind of a big deal," she said. She noted that while she did not hear Bush's exclamation in her shot, her co-workers did, and quickly notified her of the moment.

After the moment quickly went viral, Jones went over and asked Bush, "Did you just photobomb me?"

Bush replied, "I sure did!"

Jones has worked for the Rangers for several years, and Bush was once involved with the MLB club in an ownership capacity. He was also a two-time Texas governor, so Jones says she has had many interactions with him in the past.

"He's obviously very playful and likes to joke around. I can't even tell you what a nice man he is," she said.

He often asks about Jones' children when the two have time to chat. She was clearly unruffled by the live TV moment, posting to Twitter a picture of the incident with the caption, "my favorite photobomb ever!"

Bush watches most games from his dugout suite, which was first designed to accommodate the 43rd president and his Secret Service detail. As for the viral photobomb? Jones says "it's a snapshot that epitomizes where he's at right now."

Bush, a Republican, served as the governor of Texas from 1995-2000 before serving as the 43rd president of the U.S. from 2000-2008. According to a poll conducted by the Siena Research Institute, Bush was not a well-liked president. He ranks 39th among the 43 presidents in the poll, falling from 22nd during his time as president.

Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut, but remained loyal to his Texas roots. He always spoke with a Texas accent that some have speculated was an active choice to distinguish himself from politicians from the Northeast.

Jones has worked as a reporter for several teams and events around Texas, including the NFL's Dallas Cowboys and large universities.

Sources: Time, Bleacher Report, Siena Research Institute / Photo credit: David Herrera/Flickr

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