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Georgia Teacher Suspended for Pretending to Shoot Students with Finger Gun

A Georgia school teacher has been suspended for pretending to shoot students with his fingers.

Last week, a substitute at The Odyssey School in Newnan, Ga., took his kids outside and attempted to ‘educate’ them on how to deal with a Newtown-like incident. According to Fox 5, the students engaged in a game of hide-and-seek which featured the teacher in question fake shooting them with his fingers while they presumably practiced what the proper protocol was in those types of situations.

When the students informed their parents of what they learned and a few began having nightmares after the fact, chaos ensued.

Following a series of not-so-pleasant talks with parents, Odyssey suspended the teacher.

"There are things that you can and can't do, and it shows, if nothing else, that you just can't do security off the cuff.  You have to train and prepare for it," said the school’s Executive Director, Andy Geeter.

He also added that all of the first graders who participated were offered counseling for any mental anguish they may have endured. Thus far, nobody has asked for any.

Geeter made it a point to acknowledge that the substitute in question was one of the school’s most popular personalities.

"We have a teacher who is the first person to volunteer for things.  He would be the first person to protect kids in a crises, who made a bad decision," Geeter said.

The Odyssey School will adjust its guidelines and regulations in the coming weeks to reflect how instructors should and should not prepare students for tragic incidents like the shooting at Sandy Hook. 

(Fox 5)


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