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George Clooney Reveals Truth About President Trump

George Clooney Reveals Truth About President Trump Promo Image

Actor George Clooney referred to President Donald Trump and his senior advisor, Steve Bannon, as Hollywood elitists.

In an interview with French news network Canal Plus, Clooney responded to Trump and his supporters lashing out against actress Meryl Streep for criticizing the president during her acceptance speech at the Jan. 8 Golden Globes.

"When Meryl spoke, everyone on that one side was [thinking], 'Well, that's elitist Hollywood speaking," Clooney said, according to the New York Daily News. "Donald Trump has 22 acting credits in television ... He collects $120,000 a year in his Screen Actors Guild pension fund ... He is a Hollywood elitist."

While it is true Trump collects a six-figure income from SAG, the figure Clooney quotes may be off. Trump disclosed during his campaign that he received $110,228 in funds from the organization.

Clooney, who advocated for Hillary Clinton in 2016, also called Trump a "demagogue" and a hypocrite, the Huffington Post reports.

"We have Donald Trump which is …" Clooney said, taking a pause, "... hard to imagine. It catches in your throat. But we’ll fix it. We have to."

Later in the interview, Clooney also took aim at Steve Bannon, calling him an elitist and a "failed film writer and director."

"He wrote a Shakespearean rap musical about the L.A. riots that he couldn't get made," Clooney said. "He made a lot of money off of 'Seinfeld.' He's elitist Hollywood. I mean, that's the reality."

Clooney's comments were met with mixed responses on social media.

Some agreed with his remarks and approved.

"Trump's not only a Hollywood elitist he has always been part of the [1 percent]," one woman commented on the New York Daily News' Facebook page. "He has no idea what the average person goes through."

"I would rather George Clooney as president rather than this complete id*ot Trump any day," commented a second person.

However, some took issue with Clooney's comments.

"You people are a disgrace to America..... if you don't like my President Donald trump please find your own country.....," wrote one woman in response.

"Look I'm disgusted at #45 but you Clooney didn't help the cause during the election since you hosted a 100,000 a plate dinner for Hillary to steal the primaries from Bernie," wrote another.

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