15-Year Police Veteran Unhappy With Protest Organized By Daughter's Second Grade Class


Police officer George Borden is unhappy about a demonstration organized in front of a Massachusetts elementary school by his daughter’s second grade class. The children were in front of the school in New Bedford holding signs protesting the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

“I don’t think 7-year-olds can come up with the idea to go protest on the street,” Borden told the Boston Globe. He believes the protest was anti-police and that the school should not have supported this kind of demonstration.

Borden's father told ABC News, “My son’s a cop, so he’s really upset, and after his daughter got in the car, she asked if he shoots people.”

The school’s executive director, Will Gardner, said, “A group of scholars played on the playground while other scholars held their demonstration without incident.”

He continued: “It wasn’t something the teachers planned. It was something the kids did.”

The Alma Del Mar Charter School claims that it notified parents of a lesson in the near future about race and diversity, giving parents a chance to remove their children from that discussion. However, the protest was not mentioned.

Gardner concluded his statement by saying: “We discourage our teachers from sharing their own political and religious views with their scholars. We certainly want our scholars to engage in activities that help them to understand what it means to be citizens and what it means to be a democracy.”

Sources: ABC News, Boston Globe / Photo Source: New Bedford Guide, NYDailyNews.com


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