'GreenBox' Pizza Boxes Serve Also As Plates And Storage Container

A genius new pizza box design could put an end to the difficult cardboard container of the past, thanks to a new packaging solution known as the GreenBox.

The GreenBox is a “revolutionary re-design of the pizza” box, according to GreenBox president Jennifer Wright.

From the outside, GreenBox looks like a typical cumbersome pizza box. However, the box is actually perforated and can be torn into four serving plates. In addition to nixing dishes from the equation, GreenBox turns into a convenient storage container half the size of a regular pizza box – which means less shuffling around in the fridge hoping the box might fit.

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(via The Huffington Post)

In addition to its unique structure, GreenBox is made of 100 percent recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard.

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(via The Huffington Post)

"We are excited to be delivering a pizza box that is not only eco-friendly, but adds convenience to our customers’ lives," Shawn Shenefield, Operations Manager for the Upper Crust Pizzeria, said.

In an interview, Wright said that GreenBox was initially invented for birthday parties, parks and picnics. To the company’s surprise, the invention has been popular in offices, especially where employees stay late to work. After work, the pizza can be thrown into a purse or backpack and eaten later, or placed into a small break room fridge.

The GreenBox is sold to several pizza box distributors like Performance Food Group and U.S. Foods. About half the Whole Foods in the country also use the GreenBox.

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Sources: The Huffington Post, Pizza Marketplace


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