Gaza Residents Blame Hamas For Killing And Destruction They Suffered, Attack Hamas Spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri

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Gaza residents recently attacked a spokesman for the Islamist Hamas faction, accusing the group of being responsible for their suffering.

According to, Sami Abu Zuhri was assaulted by the Gaza residents Saturday evening near the Shifa Hospital, where the Hamas spokesman had arrived for an interview with a news outlet.

Hamas is being blamed for the killing of the residents’ family members and for destroying their homes. Abu Zuhri was rescued by armed Hamas terrorists from the Izzedine al-Kassam Brigades and the angry residents were arrested.

Last week 30 Palestinians were executed by Hamas in Gaza city for allegedly collaborating with Israel, most of them in the neighborhood of Shejaiya. The accused collaborators were killed after a short investigation, the Times of Israel reported, citing a Palestine Press News Agency.

The suspects were caught with weapons, telephones and SIM cards from the Israeli cell provider Orange, according to the news agency.

Reporters were apparently too scared to report on the executions, as they were afraid the security agency of Hamas would go after them if they do. On Tuesday, NDTV confirmed that Hamas has been threatening reporters who report negatively on the group's activities. This resulted in NDTV waiting until they could remove all their reporters from Gaza before actually publishing the first real exposé on Hamas using civilians as human shields.

Israel’s Channel 10 reports that 20 Palestinians who protested against the war in Gaza were executed by Hamas. It is unclear if these 20 were part of the reported 30 who were executed.

Sources: Israel National News, Times Of Israel, Israel's Channel 10


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