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Gay TV Characters at All-Time High

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It’s shaping up to be a record season for inclusivity on television, with LGBT characters making up 3.9% of all series regulars on broadcast TV.  GLAAD counted 587 different characters across 84 scripted primetime

programs on the broadcast networks, and found that 23 of them will be lesbian, gay, or bisexual.  Over on the cable networks, regular LGBT characters have made a healthy rebound after a two year decline, up to 35 characters this year.

For 15 years, GLAAD has tracked the number of LGBT characters on scripted shows to track the visibility of the LGBT community, and the quality and diversity of the stories being told about our lives.  Since 2005, GLAAD has also compiled statistical data for all scripted regular characters on primetime TV, and delivered comprehensive analysis of gender and racial/ethnic diversity on the broadcast networks.

To learn how the networks are shaping up in the new TV season and what LGBT storylines to watch out for, click here to download your own copy of the brand new 2010-2011 Where We Are on TV report.

Curious about who this year’s LGBT characters are?  You can also find comprehensive breakdowns of Leading, Supporting, and Recurring characters on our website, as well as full lists of LGBT characters on Broadcast and Cable.


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