Gay Teen Wins Race for Homecoming Queen at Ohio School

Cooper Robar, a gay teen, recently won the race for homecoming queen at Lakewood High School in Ohio.

However, the school wanted to be fair so it named the top three vote-getters "royalty," instead of king and queen.

"It was him being a goofball and saying wouldn't it be fun if he could be queen," Cooper's mother Wendy Robar told Cleveland.com.

"I was pretty shocked," Wendy recalled when her son won. "I was surprised by the roaring of the crowd."

Lakewood High School Principal Keith Ahearn said there were no rules against boys running for homecoming queen, but decided to name the three students "royalty" as a compromise.

"We are very proud of him being able to stand up for himself and tell the world he is who he is and have no misgivings about it," added Wendy.

However, Cleveland.com notes that its readers were split on the sexual politics that revolved around homecoming:

Rickastley69: "Silly me. A king is a male and a queen a female. Pretty cut and dry. Why does sexuality have to be brought into every little thing?"

Freedom_Ninja: "I think Lakewood is setting a bad example."

For his part, Cooper tweeted:

Thanks to all the people who were complaining about me going for queen and then end up congratulating me on winning like wow you're cool

According to Towleroad.com, a transgender teen won homecoming queen in Huntington Beach, Calif., last year and two gay students were crowned homecoming king and queen in Illinois.

Sources: Towleroad.com, Cleveland.com


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