Gay Store Clerk Claims He Was Fired for ‘Feminine Behavior’

Wayne Shimer says he was fired from Casey’s General Store in West Des Moines, Iowa because his boss did not like his “feminine behavior.”

After his firing, Shimer filed a complaint with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, which issued him a right-to-sue letter on Feb. 7.

“In this day and age, discrimination in the workplace is simply unacceptable,” Shimer told the Des Moines Register. “I would like to see employers take more pride in their employees and work to prevent and stop discrimination in the workplace altogether.”

“It is my hope that this civil action will open the eyes of employers and the community and serve as a reminder that sexual orientation and who we love should not disqualify anyone from employment,” added Shimer.

Shimer says the anti-gay discrimination began after he was on the job for one month and his supervisor found out he was gay, notes RawStory.com.

According to Shimer's lawsuit against the company, his husband wasn’t allowed in the store while he worked his shift, but other people's significant others were allowed to drop in.

Shimer's lawsuit claims that during a meeting, his manager told him not to make other people uncomfortable by acting “feminine” and said, “You don’t fit in normal society."

Shimer was fired back in September 2013, a week after a co-worker got angry when he questioned her about handling a situation with a customer.

That incident was just a phony excuse to fire him, says Shimer's lawsuit.

Sources: RawStory.com and Des Moines Register


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