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Gay soldier denied right to marry, does it immediately after repeal of DADT

They got married in Vermont. One is a U.S. Navy officer. He couldn't have married the person he loved, until that very day. Before that, he would have suffered the harm of being kicked out of his beloved Navy. Why? Because he is gay and the person he married, is a man. They traveled to Vermont to get married as soon as possible after the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, became official.

The policy, called DADT, had kicked out thousands of gay men and women, just like him, who wanted to serve our nation, be it in a time of peace, or war. Some had went to the service academies and some were enlisted, but all were patriots.

   Simply, if a gay man or a gay woman had gotten a marriage with their partner before the official repeal of DADT, they would be kicked out. Many of their fellow soldiers in the military would be saddened to see them go, but that is the way gays were treated in the military, at least until late September. Israel has no ban on gays in the military. Neither does Germany.

 Neither does Britain. Who does? Well, nations such as Iran or Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan. Now, at one time African Americans were denied all but the worst jobs in the military, but that changed. If it did not, someone like Colin Powell could have never arose to the highest position in the U.S. military. Is there a future four star gay general or admiral? Who knows, but let's not kick him or her out before they have the chance.


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