Gay Rights Parody Video: "Tired of Making People Uncomfortable with my Lifestyle Choices"

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Chicago actress and writer Kate Lambert recently produced a parody video on gay rights called 'Get Cash 4 Rights,' in which gays and lesbians say they’re tired of upsetting other people with their sexuality and would gladly take money, instead of the rights that they are ineligible for anyway.

In the video (below), Lambert says: “Are you a citizen of the United States and a member of the LGBT community? Do you have civil liberties you can’t use? Did you know that due to your sexual orientation, you might have over a thousand federal benefits lying around collecting dust? Now’s your chance to turn these denied rights into cash!”

A gay man says: “I was tired of making people feel uncomfortable with my lifestyle choices. That’s when a friend told me about the new government program, Get Cash 4 Rights."

A lesbian states: "As a lesbian, I had fought for my right to marry. Then some woman at a rally yelled something at me that really opened my eyes. She said if I was able to marry another woman, she should be able to marry her llama. Then I realized she was right.”


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