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Gay People Beaten, Humiliated in Russia (Video)

The group Human Rights Watch has released a video showing gay men in Russia being subjected to public humiliation and violence by local vigilantes.

According to, gay men are lured to locations under the ruse of a date. When the gay men arrive, they are beaten and berated by the vigilantes, who post the video online to humiliate their victims.

The video (below) also shows gay rights activists being attacked during public demonstrations and detained by Russian law enforcement.

Human Rights Watch has called on Russian officials to stop anti-gay harassment just days before the Sochi Olympics.

“By turning a blind eye to hateful homophobic rhetoric and violence, Russian authorities are sending a dangerous message as the world is about to arrive on its doorstep for the Olympics that there is nothing wrong with attacks on gay people,” Tanya Cooper, a Russian researcher at Human Rights Watch, told The New York Times.

Sky News reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin made a vague promise today, "I want to assure you that we will do everything so that Sochi is a hospitable home for all the participants, for all the guests."

"The main task is to make the Sochi Games a celebration for all sport lovers in the world," added Putin. "We will do everything to hold the Olympic Games at the very highest level."

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