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Gay Marriage Supporters in Maine "Lie" About Catholic Support

CatholicVoteAction brings to our attention a duplicitous tactic being employed by homosexual activists in the lead-up to Maine's Nov. 4th marriagevote: Calls on Maine Group to Pull ‘Catholic’ Gay-Marriage Ad

Homosexual advocates have released a shameless new ad featuring a grandmother and two gay men urging Maine voters this November to approve ‘same-sex’ marriage. The grandmother in the new commercial speaks about her Catholic faith and the importance of the institution of marriage, but then urges voters to support ‘same-sex’ marriage.

Here is the video:

Look at how subtly this ad works: "I've been a Catholic all my life ... my faith means alot to me."

This ad is deceptive because it implies that this woman supports homosexual marriage because of her Catholic faith.

Of course, the universal Church only supports traditional marriage between a man and woman, as God instituted it, in harmony with natural laws which defend and promote human dignity and flourishing.

This video ad is doubly duplicitous because it ignores the clear teaching and activity of Maine's own Bishop Richard Malone, who is a staunch defender of traditional marriage and is mobilizing and urging Catholics in Maine to Vote Yes on November 4th.

I mean, who are Catholics supposed to believe - a woman who claims to be Catholic in an advertisement sponsored and run by homosexual-marriage advocates, or the local Bishop together with his priests in agreement with the constant teaching and universal witness of the Catholic Church? Really, it's not even close.

So let us come together and refute the lies being fed Catholics in Maine by those who created this advertisement. Catholics proudly support traditional marriage as God instituted it, and we won't let homosexual marriage activists try to hide the clear teaching of the Church and their local Bishop from Catholics in Maine.

Visit where you will find ways to support their efforts to preserve traditional marriage. There's an action item for most everyone who is passionate about this issue. Even those of us who can't vote in Maine.

They also have documents and arguments showing why all citizens have an interest in supporting traditional marriage.


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