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Gay Man Beaten Outside Walmart, Claims It Was Hate Crime (Video)

James Scott, 23, is accused of assaulting Devin Norman, 26, in a Walmart parking lot last Friday afternoon in Corinth, Mississippi.

The alleged assault may have happened over a Facebook posting (video below).

"The alleged Facebook post was apparently sexual in nature. We haven't been able to verify that there was ever a Facebook post made," Corinth Police Chief Ralph Dance told WTVA.

Scott allegedly knocked Norman on the pavement, repeatedly kicked him in the face and fled the parking lot.

Scott was later apprehended, while Norman was taken to a local hospital for his injuries, which included a broken cheekbone and bruises.

Scott was originally charged with simple assault, but that charge will be upgraded today to aggravated assault.

"We've heard from several people, including the victim, that the suspect beat him up because he's homosexual. So far, we don't have any proof that's the case," Chief Dance stated.

Norman told WMC that Scott should be charged with a hate crime because he (Norman) is gay.

However, friends of Scott claim that Norman was threatening to "out" Scott as being homosexual with private pictures and texts that the young men exchanged.

"I don't have them any more," Norman insisted. "I was bluffing, hoping that he would back away from me because his body language was so threatening, and violence scares me."

Sources: WTVA, WMC
Image Credit: WMC Action News 5 Screenshot


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