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Gay Man Assaulted, Pushed Into Traffic In Atlanta (Video)

Video of a disturbing incident from March 7 in Atlanta, Georgia, was recently released.

A surveillance video (below) from the Atlanta Police Department shows a male suspect pushing one of two gay men into a street where there is oncoming traffic.

The gay couple was holding hands at the time, which apparently triggered some verbal insults by the suspect and the possible hate crime.

A cell phone video (below) shot by the victim's boyfriend recorded the car that the suspect later fled in. However, the driver of the car claims he didn't know the suspect and just gave him a short ride, notes

“As we were walking up, a car started following slowly behind us. It was a BMW honking its horn. It was just making us uncomfortable really,” the victim's boyfriend told The Georgia Voice.

The victim's boyfriend claimed that the suspect exited the car, called the victim a "f-----," hit him in the back of head and pushed him onto the street as cars approached.

“I didn’t know what happened at that time, all I know is [the victim's name] is in the street,” added the victim's boyfriend. “It all happened so fast. He was yelling ‘I’m a Mexican! I’m a Mexican!’ which makes no sense. He was pumping his chest."

“The suspect has not been identified at this time,” stated Atlanta Police Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Espy. “We do not know with certainty that the parties knew each other or had just met. We ask that anyone with information to please call CRIME STOPPERS Atlanta. 404-577-TIPS.”

(Note: Incident happens near :30 mark)

Sources:, The Georgia Voice
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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