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Gay History in California Schools?

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If the California Senate gets its way, students will be put to the test on tolerance. As part of a bill winding its way through the legislature, leaders are trying to force schools to teach "gay history" in local classrooms. A similar measure made it all the way to the Governor's desk in 2006, where it was vetoed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He believed this was a decision for local districts. Unfortunately, his successor, Jerry Brown (D), does not. Like most liberals, he insists that this kind of curriculum would "prevent bullying." On the contrary, it would only lead to more bullying of those who disagree.

Sacramento school board member Craig De Luz told The New York Times, "The issue of homosexuality is far from settled... This is a way of endorsing a lifestyle that many people are morally opposed to."

And unfortunately for parents, this decision will affect far more than California. Together with Texas, the Golden State is one of the biggest producers of American textbooks in the country. If homosexual propaganda worms its way onto the pages of these books, it's sure to land in other regions as well.

And under this bill, there's no limit to how young the children can be. There's no age requirement for the curriculum, meaning that elementary students could be drawn into a discussion about homosexuality well before it's appropriate.

That doesn't sit well with a majority of Americans, according to a new poll commissioned by It found that 65% of people (including a majority of Democrats) object to teaching young school children that homosexuality is a "normal alternative lifestyle." Interestingly enough, this issue of how children are educated about sexuality is exactly what turned the tide in Proposition 8's favor. Most parents wouldn't dream of injecting these conversations into a public school setting. But they can expect more assaults like this one as homosexuals continue to advance their agenda in the military and other strongholds.

Be on the lookout for a documentary from FRC that explains exactly where this march toward "tolerance" leads. (Spoiler alert: it's a frightening place.)


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