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Gay Filmmakers Help Boy Scouts Get Merit Badges (Video)

Filmmaker and former Boy Scout member Todd Bieber wanted to send back his Eagle Award from the Boy Scouts of America over their ban on gay members, however, changed his mind and decided to help some current boy scouts get their cinematography merit badge, notes

Bieber asked some professional filmmaker friends (some of whom are openly gay) to help his old Boy Scout troop produce a film entitled 'Attack of the Evil Mutant Scouts' (video below).

In addition to the film that was made with the Boy Scouts, Bieber also produced a behind-the-scenes video (below) about helping the scouts.

The Boy Scouts of America has drawn up a proposal to allow gay members, but to continue a ban on scout leaders, reported the New York Times. The proposal will be voted on in May.

The conservative activist group Stand With Scouts Sunday is opposing gay scout members and has launched a campaign to influence the the vote next month.

Source: and New York Times


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